Tasty – Healthy – PANCAKES !!!

by Damo
Published on: September 28, 2014

Sunday morning of a long weekend…Ah look its raining…hmm what can i do?

I know make some totes amazeballs pancakes, and because i am such a nice guy i will even share the secret recipe !!

Hands up who likes Pancakes??


Right well sit back, relax and get on board with this recipe – are you picking up what i am laying down?? GOOD !

Now these are special pancakes because they are not full of the usual crap you get when you order them or worse use those pre-mixed shit you buy in supermarkets.

You will need

1) 2 bananas

2) Two table spoons of almond butter

3) 4 eggs

Of course if you dont like bananas, almonds or eggs better stop reading now.



1) Mash the bananas

2) Mix with the almond butter and eggs and beat the crap out of it !



You can substitute the almond butter for peanut butter – HOWEVER – get some natural peanut butter you know with REAL peanuts again not the usual processed crap !


Almond Spread



This one is 80% peanuts…not ideal, however, does the job !

Next Step simply grab a frying pan, spray it with Rice Bran Oil (gluten Free) , Olive Oil or Cocnut Oil (all healthy fats) spoon some mixture in and cook those suckers !!

Remember they wont need long to cook once they start to bubble just flip ’em over and here is the finished product – VOILA !


finished product

There you go…15 mins total including prep time you have go to try these, they are healthy, filling and bloody marvellous !

Yours in Glucose


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