States Wrap Up

by Damo
Published on: March 30, 2015

*Sigh* what a pathetic title for this blog….Please dont tell me i have writers block, hang on who am i kidding that should be wafflers block




Not that i ever REALLY went anywhere and yes i said it would be live-ISH blogging, so you know, like dont HANG me because i did not get it exactly right ok??

So after much chatting, dirt digging, selfies and generally being as observent as possible i will now present to you the GOOD, BAD and UGLY (no really its the least i can do !!)



  1. Riverton finished 7th Overall which was an awesome acheivement !
  2. We had FOUR swimmers win their age group by accruing the most points by winning races. This is the first time in the clubs history this has happened !!
  3. Emma Cheney. Tarmo Terve. Lee Murphy.Damien Eyre all won their age groups.
  4. EVERYONE was hammering out PB’s and i think we surprised a few other clubs because we SMASHED THEM YEAH BOI !!!
  5. There were so many wonderful individual performances that i cant list them all HOWEVER i will put my coaches hat on and pick out the best one for each swimmer at the end of this post !
  6. There were at least 6 state records set by our club !
  7. Berts effort at the post meet feed
  8. The meet itself was very well run by MSWA finisnhed early both days !
  9. We had 14 swimmers attend which was a record number for a states event !


  1. Tarmo getting a bit over excited in the relay and breaking tsk tsk (dont worry mate we have all done it…*Cough* Rob Weir*cough
  2. Starters with itchy trigger fingers…Poor old Rob first time i have ever seen someone miss a backstroke was NOT his fault though. DAMN it was funny – The pic below gives a good idea what he looked like when all the other swimmers took off and left him there…..




  1. GP turning up about 5 seconds before his 50 breast (i have spies everywhere !) Literally walks in, drops his bag and runs to the marshalling area ahhh brings backs memories of Malira at the relay carnival circa 2012…BUT the big fella made his heat JUST !!! – Special thanks to my spies….
  2. My head




COACHES PICK (just an excuse to make up a nickname)

  1. Nadine (NADS)  Neethling – Apart from your immature corrospondent yelling GO – NADS everytime she raced, Nadines best swim was her 200 IM simply because she finished hahaha well done NADS !!
  2. Emma (TWINKLE TOES) Cheney – Tough to call, however, Emma’s 50 in 32.98 was a great swim and a PB !
  3. Barry (BAZZA) Elliot – Had a couple of swims on the Saturday as a new member it was great to have him dive in (get it!) his 50 Fly – 35.66 was amazing  and followed it up with a 14.64 25 Free NO BREATHING I WATCHED IT – take note everyone else !!
  4. Kevin (MR FLY) Ho – Awesome 100 Fly 1.45.14 !
  5. John (JP) Porter – Hmmm plenty to choose from here lets see oh oh i know a beautifully paced 200 back 3.04.40 split 1.31.77 a great swim !
  6. Graeme (GP) Pow – A very quiet achiever our GP however his 200 Free 3.06.62 is a PB what a great swim !
  7. Bert (VOSSIE) Vosbergen – Only swum on Sunday it was great to have the big fella back and his 1.21.59 for 100 Free was fantastic !
  8. Rob (BONES) Weir – Only swum on saturday HOWEVER 12.97 for 25 Free and what about 31.85 for 50 fly !
  9. Steve (BIG J) Jakubans – Sunday swims only and 50 Free 35.19 a great swim with an excellent turn !
  10. Steve (O) Wills – Easy pick this one 1.07.97 for 100 Free AWESOME !!
  11. Damo (Take your pick) Eyre – Allow me a moment of self indulgance 200 Free 2.06.20 PB – State record and i may have screamed like a girl when i saw my time 🙂
  12. Lee (Smurph) Murphy – Hmm close call 200IM 2.33.44 (top swim) however 200 Breast 2.47.37 – State Record – PB and just a great swim !
  13. Mark (Inkmaster) Davey – 26.29 for his 50 Free….TOP SHELF SWIM !
  14. Tarmo (MR T) Terve – A great weekend from the big fella hmmm 12.87 for 25 Free thats moving although my pick would be 50 Free 27.59 a great swim !!


So there you have it ladies and gentleman a great weekend with plenty of laughs, great swimming and lots of fun !





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