Riverton Flashes Their Pearly Whites at Relay Meet

by Damo
Published on: August 18, 2015

Pearly whites? What on earth are you talking about…..I will get to that in due course !


Anway in case you have been living under a rock OR not reading the emails i send out (i know its ok dont feel bad) The mighty Riverton Masters fielded their largest team in HISTORY at the now annual State Relay Meet which is hosted by the Claremont Gropers at HBF (Challenge) Stadium.

Yes we had 19 members turn up ON-TIME (Yes even Steve-O….wonders will never cease), unfortunately Emma “Doc” Dolby was unable to attend as she was arrested for “allegedly” stalking Mathew Pavlich in the days leading up to the Derby. No charges were laid and Doc was last seen wandering aimlessly around Patterson Stadium wearing her Freo supporters jersey and not much else….Come back soon Doc we miss you !

So upon arrival our much loved and well travelled dentist Mr Hossam “Sam” Issmail proceeded to hand out some goodies..In one hand we got a lovely banana muffin and in the other hand we got a toothbrush all the way from Sweden (i still have plenty to hand out !) Thank you Sam 🙂

Yes some swimming did actually take place, actually some very good swimming took place. As a club we finished 9th out of 20 teams which is a great result especially as there were over 270 swimmers from 20 clubs – well done team !

Speaking of team, we did actually get a team photo which we are all tryingt to show off our pearly whites…..You may notice there are two members missing..i could bang on about you know being part of a team, hanging around to support the team etc but i wont….

Post meet Claremont had ordered 100 pizzas, my spies tell me that Big Bert gave it a huge crack and managed to smash 3 whole pizzas by himself !!!

It really was a fun afternoon a big thank you to all members who had a swim there were a few people battling the flu and Young Emma landed at 2am that morning after 6 weeks away and was still awake at the end WELL DONE EMMA, also a mention to Carol Ann Infante who came on board as part of the team hopefully she did not think we were all completely nuts….


Lets do it all again real soon..Peace, Love and Mungbeans




Relay Meet Team





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  • Sun 30 Aug: Claremont Masters LLCC 100s only
    When: 9:00am
    Where: HBF Stadium, 100 Stephenson Av, Mt Claremont

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