2016 – Off with a slightly muffled bang !

by Damo
Published on: February 24, 2016



That’s our first meet for 2016 done and dusted, i say this all the time but sheesh where has the time (and my hair) gone.

Newman-Churchalnds is always a great meet. Lovely pool, beautiful setting (ie- trees n stuff), AND always a great feed post meet.

Full results can be found here –


8 devastatingly handsome and rugged Riverton lads presented themselves on Sunday with only this in mind…


Unfortunately young Tammy Souster/Savage was unable to make her comeback due to some issues



Speaking of mojo….

  • Barry “Bazza” Elliot – Absolulte smashed his 50 Free – 31.66 and 50 Fly 35.50, then was having 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts about the 100 Fly….HOWEVER Bazza manned up, took his teaspoon of cement to harden up and swum the 100 Fly…Top Effort mate !


  • Darren “Dazza” Bartels – Big Dazza’s first meet swim with the club and a lovely 2.31 for his 200 Free and 31.87 for his 50 fly wa a very impressive start…Sorry mate looks like Lane 6 has your name ALL over it now !!
  • Kevin “Kezza” Ho – Mr Butterfly showed how gallivanting in Iceland with Snow Bunnies is the perfect way to prepare for a meet, he even swum a 50 back well done Sir !
  • Graeme “Gazza” Pow – GP was all retro this meet, rocking the budgie smugglers circa 2008, hmmm could be time for an upgrade mate – His 39.12 for 50 free was awesome as he was holding 41-42 of the blocks a few weeks ago !
  • Steve “Stazza” Wills – SteveO on time mate awesome. 31.67 for 50 Free Awesome. Not keeping your shoes near the rest of your stuff….


  • Tarmo “Tezza” Terve – The Big T was all fast twitch fibers in this meet the highlight being his 29.97 for 50 Free, solid work mate, dont worry ladies he will be Mr January, February and March in our Men of Riverton Calender !
  • Steve “Jezza” Jakubans – Struggled to read the program at times, however, 3 solid swims which included a 36.63 for his 50 free had him all warmed up ready for his surf patrol at Leighton Beach !
  • Damo “Dezza” Eyre – Your loyal and faithful corrospondent had a tops day – lets be honest i¬†only came for the food and the lovely, witty company !


Mmmmmm BBQ !

Riverton finished 6th overall another great result for the day !

Next meet is the Friday night 50 only meet at Beatty Park – I will email details out later this week !

Yours in Snakes and Ladders





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