#N18 – Riverton Rocks HBF

by Damo
Published on: April 28, 2018


Well thank YOU Beyonce for helping me to dust off this blog, which has been lying dormant and unloved for the best part of 2 years…..a bit like me really…. a few more wrinkles, a little wiser (maybe)and lots more grey hair EVERYWHERE if you catch my drift….

To all my loyal readers out there who number at least 1000000 its good to be back and ready to blow your mind with another witty blog post that will surely be the envy of every author around the globe !!

First, let me set the scene – MSA 43rd National Championships at HBF Stadium (Not Mandurah crappy pool hehehe) 631 swimmers have entered and primed and ready to go well make that 629. Riverton had 10 swimmers who had entered, unfortunately, Barry “Bazza” Elliot was unable to participate as he was in counseling. Apparently, Paddy had called off their blossoming “Bromance” via text and Bazza was simply devastated. It’s a harsh world we live in folks…….#bazzandpaddy4eva

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For the GOOD…THE BAD….annnd THE UGLY !!!



  1. Nadine “NADS”Neethling – Welcome back NADS (hehe) despite a rather nasty bout of gastro leading into this meet, and putting up with me yelling “GO NADS” everytime she was on the blocks. Nadine had to miss the first day, however, turned up ready to go with her trusty esky (see pic below) and smashed out 8 swims and 2 relays in 3 days most times well below her nominated entry times…Well done NADS !

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2) Sabrina “Irish” Williams (+1) – Irish had 4 individual swims with 2 top 5 finishes in the 100 and 200 Breastroke and 2 relay swims, her effort to actually make it to the pool on time for one of the relays is simply awesome and you need her to tell you all about it. We will just blame it on placenta brain – isn’t that right Irish?

3) Paddy “HeartBreaker” Knight – Paddy had a couple of great swims in the 400 & 800 Free before rushing off down south to broker world peace between USA & RUSSIA….have not heard from him since so hopefully our true MVP is ok !!!

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4) Graeme “GP” Pow – Another solid hit out from our loveable treasuer, who even as i type is over in the UK, my spies tell me was last seen nursing Louis Arthur Charles whilst William and Kate were getting things organised to depart the hospital. Nice work mate, bring us back a souvenir.

5) John “JP” Porter – What a meet from the quietly spoken, retired plumber! 1 gold (200 Back), 2 silvers (50 Free and 100 Back) and 1 bronze (50 Back) well done mate – pretty much bang on with his times as well. JP shows us, age is no barrier as he smashed out 30.91 for his 50 Free !!!!

6) Eric “The Viking” Taylor – Put together 4 individual swims all times well inside his nominated times and securing Top 8 finish or better throw in a relay swim and he also smashed his steak sanga at dinner and it was a great week for our retired vet….Great work mate – you can see a pic of Eric below prior to his 50 Free 39.92 top shelf !

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7) “Big Bad Bustling” Bruce Scorer – Overlooking the fact that he is, in fact, South African *sigh* another one….anyway Bruce had an OUTSTANDING meet, 11 events and 2 relays the big fella smashed all his entry times and i think surprised himself as well and is currently in Bali on a bit of R&R…..if you look closely at the pic below you can Bruce gazing off, dreaming about breaking 29 for 50 Free………



8) Adam “Thor” Kaprowski (silent W) – Adam definitely hit his goals at this meet. In a very competitive 35-39 age group Adam nabbed Silver in the 50 Free 25.88 (3rd fastest overall) and bronze in the 50 Fly 28.17 and his other times were fantastic the fact that 59.34 (100 Free) earned him 7th in his age group shows you how competitive it was ! Throw in  two great relay legs – oh speaking of legs apparently trying to shave your legs when you are 6ft 3 leaves the bathroom looking a scene out of Psycho – I hope you used sugar soap to clean up the blood !!!

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9) Lee “Murph”Murphy – Murph had 4 individual and 2 relay swims with his 2.58.42 for 200 Breast easily the highlight a great swim on a limited preparation annd also fuelled by Party pies, saussage rolls, birthday cake and lollies !


10) Mens Relay Team – Thor, Murph , Bruce and Damo managed to snag bronze in the 4×50 Medley Relay by less than half a second and Bronze in the 4×50 Free Relay just being out touched by those Claremont rascals !

What a good looking bunch !


Throw in a great feed at Lakers Tavern on the Saturday night and it was a very enjoyable week for the team !


THE BAD (in no order)

  1. Gastro ask NADS
  2. Paddy breaking Bazza’s heart
  3. Forgetting to take your bathers to work *cough* Irish *cough*
  4. Shaving your legs thinking you are 18 again *cough* Adam *cough*
  5. Getting mobile numbers mixed up and nearly scratching the mens 4×50 Medley relay team..oops !
  6. SteveO – MIA all week….solid cameo on Saturday night though 🙂



Sunday morning after the Saturday night…..acutally it was the whole day…..#whereismyrum


Thanks for reading if you go this far

Yours in Chlorine


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