Riverton “Raiders” Rip in at Relay Meet

by Damo
Published on: August 8, 2018

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Sums it up nicely I think….Sat 4th August 6 intrepid Riverton Raiders (Yes that’s our new moniker – I made a Presidential decision…actually its Bruce’s fault..more on that later) Anyway it was a cold and wet afternoon and as usual they forgot to turn the heaters on at HBF stadium – I tell you what just as well Irish did not swim she would have been blue from head to toe,……It was very well run meet as always with over 230 swimmers and 277 relays there was some great swimming and the pizzas at the post-meet feed were actually really really good!

It was great we were able to put out a team this year and a big thank you to those who were able to attend – let me run you through the starting 6 !

Teale “I am not really an alcoholic” Gordon – As a high school teacher Teale is subjected to all sorts of stress in an average week, however, not as stressful as having to do 25m backstroke! In the last event of the day, Teale nailed her start and powered down the pool to big cheers from the side of the pool !!! Whilst multiple changes of cossies assisted in keeping her from freezing to death, Teale also took out the award for “Most Stylish Frames on a pair of Glasses” award !



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Bruce “Grandpa” Scorer – Big bad bustling Bruce muscled his way through the water really well, despite battling sleep deprivation after spending some quality early morning time with the newest addition. Bruce also spruiked some grand ideas for “Riverton Raiders” and i think we need a paradigm shift, which means we need to stop moving the goalposts and get some e-business around his ideas……yeah I don’t know what I just said either.

Hmmm I reckon he is at least wearing a water polo cap…..we can work with this surely!

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Adam “Thor” Kaprowski (silent W) – After spending his time since Nationals with his feet up sipping daiquiris (he loves a good cocktail umbrella) it was great to see Thor break out the budgie smugglers and crank out some speedy swims, Thor also won the award for “Most Pizza Eaten After the Relay Meet” It was a pleasure to watch well-done mate !!


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Paddy “Freight Train” Knight – Our very own freestyle specialist or rather frog-in-a-blender- specialist, either way, Paddy stormed down the last 50 or 25 of every relay he swam in and gave it his all, hence the coming home like a freight train….Paddy also regaled us with some colourful stories from his past – Gaff ain’t got nuthin on our Freight Train!

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Caris “I don’t like Tumble Turns” Gordon – Despite this Caris smashed out some great swims and like Teale utilised her 1,000 different pairs of cossies to combat the cold and still had a smile on her face after her last swim, so clearly this strategy paid off !

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Another fun meet in the books, thanks for reading!


Yours in H2O


#N18 – Riverton Rocks HBF

by Damo
Published on: April 28, 2018


Well thank YOU Beyonce for helping me to dust off this blog, which has been lying dormant and unloved for the best part of 2 years…..a bit like me really…. a few more wrinkles, a little wiser (maybe)and lots more grey hair EVERYWHERE if you catch my drift….

To all my loyal readers out there who number at least 1000000 its good to be back and ready to blow your mind with another witty blog post that will surely be the envy of every author around the globe !!

First, let me set the scene – MSA 43rd National Championships at HBF Stadium (Not Mandurah crappy pool hehehe) 631 swimmers have entered and primed and ready to go well make that 629. Riverton had 10 swimmers who had entered, unfortunately, Barry “Bazza” Elliot was unable to participate as he was in counseling. Apparently, Paddy had called off their blossoming “Bromance” via text and Bazza was simply devastated. It’s a harsh world we live in folks…….#bazzandpaddy4eva

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For the GOOD…THE BAD….annnd THE UGLY !!!



  1. Nadine “NADS”Neethling – Welcome back NADS (hehe) despite a rather nasty bout of gastro leading into this meet, and putting up with me yelling “GO NADS” everytime she was on the blocks. Nadine had to miss the first day, however, turned up ready to go with her trusty esky (see pic below) and smashed out 8 swims and 2 relays in 3 days most times well below her nominated entry times…Well done NADS !

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2) Sabrina “Irish” Williams (+1) – Irish had 4 individual swims with 2 top 5 finishes in the 100 and 200 Breastroke and 2 relay swims, her effort to actually make it to the pool on time for one of the relays is simply awesome and you need her to tell you all about it. We will just blame it on placenta brain – isn’t that right Irish?

3) Paddy “HeartBreaker” Knight – Paddy had a couple of great swims in the 400 & 800 Free before rushing off down south to broker world peace between USA & RUSSIA….have not heard from him since so hopefully our true MVP is ok !!!

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4) Graeme “GP” Pow – Another solid hit out from our loveable treasuer, who even as i type is over in the UK, my spies tell me was last seen nursing Louis Arthur Charles whilst William and Kate were getting things organised to depart the hospital. Nice work mate, bring us back a souvenir.

5) John “JP” Porter – What a meet from the quietly spoken, retired plumber! 1 gold (200 Back), 2 silvers (50 Free and 100 Back) and 1 bronze (50 Back) well done mate – pretty much bang on with his times as well. JP shows us, age is no barrier as he smashed out 30.91 for his 50 Free !!!!

6) Eric “The Viking” Taylor – Put together 4 individual swims all times well inside his nominated times and securing Top 8 finish or better throw in a relay swim and he also smashed his steak sanga at dinner and it was a great week for our retired vet….Great work mate – you can see a pic of Eric below prior to his 50 Free 39.92 top shelf !

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7) “Big Bad Bustling” Bruce Scorer – Overlooking the fact that he is, in fact, South African *sigh* another one….anyway Bruce had an OUTSTANDING meet, 11 events and 2 relays the big fella smashed all his entry times and i think surprised himself as well and is currently in Bali on a bit of R&R…..if you look closely at the pic below you can Bruce gazing off, dreaming about breaking 29 for 50 Free………



8) Adam “Thor” Kaprowski (silent W) – Adam definitely hit his goals at this meet. In a very competitive 35-39 age group Adam nabbed Silver in the 50 Free 25.88 (3rd fastest overall) and bronze in the 50 Fly 28.17 and his other times were fantastic the fact that 59.34 (100 Free) earned him 7th in his age group shows you how competitive it was ! Throw in  two great relay legs – oh speaking of legs apparently trying to shave your legs when you are 6ft 3 leaves the bathroom looking a scene out of Psycho – I hope you used sugar soap to clean up the blood !!!

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9) Lee “Murph”Murphy – Murph had 4 individual and 2 relay swims with his 2.58.42 for 200 Breast easily the highlight a great swim on a limited preparation annd also fuelled by Party pies, saussage rolls, birthday cake and lollies !


10) Mens Relay Team – Thor, Murph , Bruce and Damo managed to snag bronze in the 4×50 Medley Relay by less than half a second and Bronze in the 4×50 Free Relay just being out touched by those Claremont rascals !

What a good looking bunch !


Throw in a great feed at Lakers Tavern on the Saturday night and it was a very enjoyable week for the team !


THE BAD (in no order)

  1. Gastro ask NADS
  2. Paddy breaking Bazza’s heart
  3. Forgetting to take your bathers to work *cough* Irish *cough*
  4. Shaving your legs thinking you are 18 again *cough* Adam *cough*
  5. Getting mobile numbers mixed up and nearly scratching the mens 4×50 Medley relay team..oops !
  6. SteveO – MIA all week….solid cameo on Saturday night though 🙂



Sunday morning after the Saturday night…..acutally it was the whole day…..#whereismyrum


Thanks for reading if you go this far

Yours in Chlorine


2016 – Off with a slightly muffled bang !

by Damo
Published on: February 24, 2016



That’s our first meet for 2016 done and dusted, i say this all the time but sheesh where has the time (and my hair) gone.

Newman-Churchalnds is always a great meet. Lovely pool, beautiful setting (ie- trees n stuff), AND always a great feed post meet.

Full results can be found here –


8 devastatingly handsome and rugged Riverton lads presented themselves on Sunday with only this in mind…


Unfortunately young Tammy Souster/Savage was unable to make her comeback due to some issues



Speaking of mojo….

  • Barry “Bazza” Elliot – Absolulte smashed his 50 Free – 31.66 and 50 Fly 35.50, then was having 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts about the 100 Fly….HOWEVER Bazza manned up, took his teaspoon of cement to harden up and swum the 100 Fly…Top Effort mate !


  • Darren “Dazza” Bartels – Big Dazza’s first meet swim with the club and a lovely 2.31 for his 200 Free and 31.87 for his 50 fly wa a very impressive start…Sorry mate looks like Lane 6 has your name ALL over it now !!
  • Kevin “Kezza” Ho – Mr Butterfly showed how gallivanting in Iceland with Snow Bunnies is the perfect way to prepare for a meet, he even swum a 50 back well done Sir !
  • Graeme “Gazza” Pow – GP was all retro this meet, rocking the budgie smugglers circa 2008, hmmm could be time for an upgrade mate – His 39.12 for 50 free was awesome as he was holding 41-42 of the blocks a few weeks ago !
  • Steve “Stazza” Wills – SteveO on time mate awesome. 31.67 for 50 Free Awesome. Not keeping your shoes near the rest of your stuff….


  • Tarmo “Tezza” Terve – The Big T was all fast twitch fibers in this meet the highlight being his 29.97 for 50 Free, solid work mate, dont worry ladies he will be Mr January, February and March in our Men of Riverton Calender !
  • Steve “Jezza” Jakubans – Struggled to read the program at times, however, 3 solid swims which included a 36.63 for his 50 free had him all warmed up ready for his surf patrol at Leighton Beach !
  • Damo “Dezza” Eyre – Your loyal and faithful corrospondent had a tops day – lets be honest i only came for the food and the lovely, witty company !


Mmmmmm BBQ !

Riverton finished 6th overall another great result for the day !

Next meet is the Friday night 50 only meet at Beatty Park – I will email details out later this week !

Yours in Snakes and Ladders





Riverton Flashes Their Pearly Whites at Relay Meet

by Damo
Published on: August 18, 2015

Pearly whites? What on earth are you talking about…..I will get to that in due course !


Anway in case you have been living under a rock OR not reading the emails i send out (i know its ok dont feel bad) The mighty Riverton Masters fielded their largest team in HISTORY at the now annual State Relay Meet which is hosted by the Claremont Gropers at HBF (Challenge) Stadium.

Yes we had 19 members turn up ON-TIME (Yes even Steve-O….wonders will never cease), unfortunately Emma “Doc” Dolby was unable to attend as she was arrested for “allegedly” stalking Mathew Pavlich in the days leading up to the Derby. No charges were laid and Doc was last seen wandering aimlessly around Patterson Stadium wearing her Freo supporters jersey and not much else….Come back soon Doc we miss you !

So upon arrival our much loved and well travelled dentist Mr Hossam “Sam” Issmail proceeded to hand out some goodies..In one hand we got a lovely banana muffin and in the other hand we got a toothbrush all the way from Sweden (i still have plenty to hand out !) Thank you Sam 🙂

Yes some swimming did actually take place, actually some very good swimming took place. As a club we finished 9th out of 20 teams which is a great result especially as there were over 270 swimmers from 20 clubs – well done team !

Speaking of team, we did actually get a team photo which we are all tryingt to show off our pearly whites…..You may notice there are two members missing..i could bang on about you know being part of a team, hanging around to support the team etc but i wont….

Post meet Claremont had ordered 100 pizzas, my spies tell me that Big Bert gave it a huge crack and managed to smash 3 whole pizzas by himself !!!

It really was a fun afternoon a big thank you to all members who had a swim there were a few people battling the flu and Young Emma landed at 2am that morning after 6 weeks away and was still awake at the end WELL DONE EMMA, also a mention to Carol Ann Infante who came on board as part of the team hopefully she did not think we were all completely nuts….


Lets do it all again real soon..Peace, Love and Mungbeans




Relay Meet Team





State Records – A great achievement

by Damo
Published on: June 11, 2015

Congratulations to Lee Muprhy and John Porter on sucessfully setting some new state records.


Lee went 2.47.37 for his 200 breast at States back in March

John went 3.04.40 for his 200 back and 1.23.23 for his 100 Back

Well done guys !



40th National Champs – Riverton Reps

by Damo
Published on: April 22, 2015

Hi Everyone

okay so it’s been a while since four intrepid Riverton Redbacks returned victorious from our wonderful trip to Hobart !

It’s certainly appropriate to acknowledge how well the boys swum, yes we did swim 2nd claim for Blacktown Beavers ( my old masters club) so we had a very strong team of 34 swimmers and we WON the overall trophy for highest point score. Which for us Riverton swimmers was massive given that we never really win any sort of point score trophy over here !

Between Myself, Steve-O, Muprh and K-Ho we accumulated 152.5 points and given we won by only 36 it was a massive contribution !

Lee Murphy (murph)

5 swims plus 2 relays

2 PB including knocking 3 secs off his 200 IM time !

3 golds includes a relay gold

3 bronze includes a relay bronze

Kevin Ho (K-Ho)

3 swims plus a relay

including a massive PB in his 50 fly

Steve Wills (Steve-O)

8 swims plus 2 relays

Massive PBs in 800, 400, 200 free AND an awesome 1.06.64 in his 100 free !!! He also split 30.04 for a 50 free in a relay !


10 swims plus 2 relays 7 PB  swims

3 gold

3 silver

3 bronze

My favourite swim was my 800 free a 2 sec PB !!!

There are plenty of pics on Facebook however I have a few I will post to prove that Steve-O can actually do breastroke !!





States Wrap Up

by Damo
Published on: March 30, 2015

*Sigh* what a pathetic title for this blog….Please dont tell me i have writers block, hang on who am i kidding that should be wafflers block




Not that i ever REALLY went anywhere and yes i said it would be live-ISH blogging, so you know, like dont HANG me because i did not get it exactly right ok??

So after much chatting, dirt digging, selfies and generally being as observent as possible i will now present to you the GOOD, BAD and UGLY (no really its the least i can do !!)



  1. Riverton finished 7th Overall which was an awesome acheivement !
  2. We had FOUR swimmers win their age group by accruing the most points by winning races. This is the first time in the clubs history this has happened !!
  3. Emma Cheney. Tarmo Terve. Lee Murphy.Damien Eyre all won their age groups.
  4. EVERYONE was hammering out PB’s and i think we surprised a few other clubs because we SMASHED THEM YEAH BOI !!!
  5. There were so many wonderful individual performances that i cant list them all HOWEVER i will put my coaches hat on and pick out the best one for each swimmer at the end of this post !
  6. There were at least 6 state records set by our club !
  7. Berts effort at the post meet feed
  8. The meet itself was very well run by MSWA finisnhed early both days !
  9. We had 14 swimmers attend which was a record number for a states event !


  1. Tarmo getting a bit over excited in the relay and breaking tsk tsk (dont worry mate we have all done it…*Cough* Rob Weir*cough
  2. Starters with itchy trigger fingers…Poor old Rob first time i have ever seen someone miss a backstroke start..it was NOT his fault though. DAMN it was funny – The pic below gives a good idea what he looked like when all the other swimmers took off and left him there…..




  1. GP turning up about 5 seconds before his 50 breast (i have spies everywhere !) Literally walks in, drops his bag and runs to the marshalling area ahhh brings backs memories of Malira at the relay carnival circa 2012…BUT the big fella made his heat JUST !!! – Special thanks to my spies….
  2. My head




COACHES PICK (just an excuse to make up a nickname)

  1. Nadine (NADS)  Neethling – Apart from your immature corrospondent yelling GO – NADS everytime she raced, Nadines best swim was her 200 IM simply because she finished hahaha well done NADS !!
  2. Emma (TWINKLE TOES) Cheney – Tough to call, however, Emma’s 50 in 32.98 was a great swim and a PB !
  3. Barry (BAZZA) Elliot – Had a couple of swims on the Saturday as a new member it was great to have him dive in (get it!) his 50 Fly – 35.66 was amazing  and followed it up with a 14.64 25 Free NO BREATHING I WATCHED IT – take note everyone else !!
  4. Kevin (MR FLY) Ho – Awesome 100 Fly 1.45.14 !
  5. John (JP) Porter – Hmmm plenty to choose from here lets see oh oh i know a beautifully paced 200 back 3.04.40 split 1.31.77 a great swim !
  6. Graeme (GP) Pow – A very quiet achiever our GP however his 200 Free 3.06.62 is a PB what a great swim !
  7. Bert (VOSSIE) Vosbergen – Only swum on Sunday it was great to have the big fella back and his 1.21.59 for 100 Free was fantastic !
  8. Rob (BONES) Weir – Only swum on saturday HOWEVER 12.97 for 25 Free and what about 31.85 for 50 fly !
  9. Steve (BIG J) Jakubans – Sunday swims only and 50 Free 35.19 a great swim with an excellent turn !
  10. Steve (O) Wills – Easy pick this one 1.07.97 for 100 Free AWESOME !!
  11. Damo (Take your pick) Eyre – Allow me a moment of self indulgance 200 Free 2.06.20 PB – State record and i may have screamed like a girl when i saw my time 🙂
  12. Lee (Smurph) Murphy – Hmm close call 200IM 2.33.44 (top swim) however 200 Breast 2.47.37 – State Record – PB and just a great swim !
  13. Mark (Inkmaster) Davey – 26.29 for his 50 Free….TOP SHELF SWIM !
  14. Tarmo (MR T) Terve – A great weekend from the big fella hmmm 12.87 for 25 Free thats moving although my pick would be 50 Free 27.59 a great swim !!


So there you have it ladies and gentleman a great weekend with plenty of laughs, great swimming and lots of fun !





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