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National and State records held by current and former members as at 1 January 2020 are shown below.  The WA State Records are divided into Long Course (50m pool) and Short Course (25m pool).


Damien Eyre

Age group M35-39 years

800m Backstroke (short course), 10m43.63, set on 29/07/2012

Age Group M40-44 years

800m Backstroke (long course), 11m05.11, set on 30/08/2015



Long Course (50m pool)


Mark Davey (former member): 3

Age Group M25-29 years 

50m Backstroke, 30.78secs, set on 30/04/2011

100m Backstroke, 1m06.03, set on 30/04/2011

Age Group M30-34 years 

50m Backstroke, 30.80secs, set on 14/04/2012

Damien Eyre: 17

Age group M35-39 years

400m Backstroke, 5m27.70, set on 26/06/2011

400m Butterfly, 6m00.61, set on 17/06/2012

800m Individual Medley, 11m41.37, set on 18/04/2009

Age Group M40-44 years

200m Freestyle, 2m09.02, set on 17/4/2013

400m Freestyle, 4m31.89, set on 20/4/2013

800m Freestyle, 9m22.72, set on 17/4/2013

1500m Freestyle, 18m24.49, set on 20/11/13

200m Backstroke, 2m31.78, set on 29/5/2014

800m Backstroke, 11m05.11, set on 30/8/15

1500m Backstroke, 21m28.77, set on 10/6/17

400m Butterfly, 5m53.67, set on 30/08/2015

800m Individual Medley, 11m49.86, set on 31/8/14

Age Group M45-49 years

200m Backstroke, 2m35.49, set on 21/4/2018

400m Backstroke, 5m23.39, set on 9/9/2018

800m Backstroke, 11m24.58, set on 7/7/2018

1500m Backstroke, 22m01.44, set on 19/8/2018

800 Individual Medley, 11m56.65, set on 7/7/2019

John Porter: 6

Age Group M65-69 years

400m Backstroke, 6m36.26, set on 31/8/2014

800m Backstroke, 13m37.40, set on 30/08/2015

1500m Backstroke, 25m45.77secs, set on 7/8/2016

Age Group M70-74 years

100m Backstroke, 1m31.53, set on 24/3/2019

200m Backstroke, 3m15.11, set on 28/7/2019

400m Backstroke, 7m08.10, set on 7/7/2019

Tarmo Terve (former member): 1

Age group 30-34 years

1500m Breaststroke, 27m10.22secs, set on 11/6/2016


Katrina Burgess (former ‘second claim’ member): 1

Age Group F50-54 years

200m Backstroke, 2m58.09, set on 29/04/2017


Short Course (25m pool)


Mark Davey (former member): 2

Age Group M25-29 years 

50m Backstroke, 29.75secs, set on 14/08/2011

Age Group M30-34 years 

50m Backstroke, 29.67secs, set on 15/08/2015

Damien Eyre: 25 

Age group M35-39 years 

1500m Freestyle, 17m35.10, set on 09/09/2012

200m Backstroke, 2m32.01, set on 24/08/2008

400m Backstroke, 5m15.76, set on 18/10/2009

800m Backstroke, 10m43.63, set on 29/07/2012

200m Butterfly, 2m32.78, set on 24/08/2008

400m Butterfly, 5m46.97, set on 18/10/2009

400m Individual Medley, 5m26.23, set on 29/06/2008

800m Individual Medley, 11m30.64, set on 26/07/2009

Age Group M40-44 years

100m Freestyle, 58.47secs, set on 7/6/2014

200m Freestyle, 2m06.20, set on 28/03/2015

400m Freestyle, 4m24.97, set on 2/10/2014

800m Freestyle, 9m09.33, set on 2/10/2014

1500m Freestyle, 17m37.83, set on 14/7/2013

50m Backstroke, 32.44secs, set on 6/7/2014

200m Backstroke, 2m26.09, set on 11/6/2016

200m Butterfly, 2m34.11, set on 28/3/2015

400m Butterfly, 5m45.47, set on 18/5/2013

100m Individual Medley, 1m08.73, set on 29/03/2015

200m Individual Medley, 2m29.55, set on 28/03/2015

400m Individual Medley, 5m24.81, set on 28/7/2013

800m Individual Medley, 11m25.83, set on 27/7/2014

Age Group M45-49 years

100m Backstroke, 1m09.88, set on 25/3/2018

400m Backstroke, 5m23.39, set on 9/9/2018

800m Backstroke, 10m56.12, set on 9/9/2018

400m Individual medley, 5m32.18, set on 9/9/2018

Lee Murphy: 1

Age Group M35-39 years

200m Breaststroke, 2m47.37, set on 29/03/2015

John Porter: 2

Age Group M65-69 years

100m Backstroke, 1m23.23, set on 28/03/2015

200m Backstroke, 3m01.77, set on 3/7/2016


Malira Cocking (fomer member): 2

Age Group F40-44 years

25m Breaststroke, 18.22secs, set on 01/05/2010

100m Breaststroke, 1m26.52, set on 01/05/2010

Tammy Savage (former member): 1

Age group F30-34 years

100m Backstroke, 1m15.35 set on 01/05/2010 (set under former surname  Souster)

Summary of Records held by current and past members:

Mark Davey: 5 State

Damien Eyre: 2 National, 42 State

Lee Murphy: 1 State

John Porter: 8 State

Tarmo Terve: 1 State

Katrina Burgess: 1 State

Malira Cocking: 2 State

Tammy Savage: 1 State

  • Tue 01 Feb: Management Committee meeting
    When: 7:00pm
    Where: TBA
  • Sun 13 Feb: Busselton Jetty Swim
    When: 8:00am
    Where: Busselton Jetty, Busselton
  • Sun 20 Feb: Newman Churchlands Masters LLCC (warm-up from 8.15am)
    When: 9:00am
    Where: Newman College, Empire Av, Churchlands
  • Sat 05 Mar: Mullaloo Mile OWS
    When: 8:00am
    Where: Mullaloo Beach
  • Sun 13 Mar: Coogee Jetty-to-Jetty OWS
    When: 8:00am
    Where: Coogee Beach (Woodman Point)
  • Sun 27 Mar: Fremantle Masters LLCC (warm-up from 8.15am)
    When: 8:45am
    Where: Fremantle Leisure Centre, Shuffrey St, Fremantle
  • Thu 28 Apr: Australian Masters Games - Swimming Day 1
    When: 9:00am
    Where: HBF Stadium, Stephenson Av, Mt Claremont

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