Open Water Swims

Masters Swimming members are encouraged to participate in open water swimming events each summer.  These events are largely conducted by several Masters Swimming clubs on behalf of MSWA; and by Swimming WA, during the warmer months – generally October to March.  Such swims are conducted in the ocean, rivers and lakes.  Entry is individual and undertaken on-line.  Distances may range from 250m to 10km and most of the events include several distance options – the usual is 250m or 500m, 800m or 1km, 1.6km or 2km and 3.2km or 4km.

OWS Calendar

The MSWA Open Water Swim (OWS) calendar is made available to members each year around September/October.  The 2020-21 OWS calendar is available to view here and a paper copy is placed on the information table on training nights during the OWS season.  You can also view the calendar on the MSWA website.  Note that the OWS events attract points for entering them and a points score is published by gender and age group at the conclusion of the season.  Details of other OWS in WA can be viewed by visiting the Swimming WA website here.

State OWS

A State Open Water Championship Swim for MSWA members only, is held annually, usually over a distance of 1.6km.  The event is an ocean swim and entry is undertaken on-line, via the MSWA website.

Live Lighter Novice Ocean Swim

This is an annual event conducted by MSWA over 500m and held in conjunction with the Fremantle Ports Swim Thru on the second Saturday in December.  The event is not a race and participants do not receive a time for their swim. The event is promoted by Have a Go News in November each year and is aimed at those swimmers who have never swum a swim in an organised ocean swim, let alone over a swim course supervised by life savers.

Busselton Jetty Swim

A very popular swim conducted on the second Sunday in February each year.  The main event consists of a 3.6 swim around the iconic jetty (stretches 1.8km out to sea).  Entries can be solo or teams of 2 or 4.  There is also the option of a straight 1.6km swim from near the end of the jetty in to shore.

Entries open on 1 October each year and fill quickly, so intending swimmers need to register as soon as entries open.

  • Fri 08 Oct: Australian Masters Games - Swimming Day 1
    When: 9:00am
    Where: HBF Stadium, Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont
  • Sat 09 Oct: Australian Masters Games - Swimming Day 2
    When: 9:00am
    Where: HBF Stadium, Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont
  • Sun 10 Oct: Australian Masters Games - Swimming Day 3
    When: 9:00am
    Where: HBF Stadium, Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont
  • Sun 24 Oct: Stadium Masters LLCC
    When: 9:00am
    Where: HBF Stadium, 100 Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont
  • Mon 08 Nov: Club Management Committee meeting
    When: 7:00pm
    Where: TBA
  • Sun 28 Nov: Mandurah Masters LLCC
    When: 9:00am
    Where: Mandurah ARC, Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah

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