Training and Coaching


Training occurs on Mondays and Wednesdays (except public holidays) from 7pm to 8pm.  The Club reserves 3 lanes in the 50m pool for its training sessions and the lanes accommodate fast, intermediate and slower swimmers.  Swimmers generally cover about 1.5km to around 3km in the course of a session, depending on the lane.  There is no compulsion to undertake a program in full – newer members and visitors in particular should do only what they are comfortable with.  The training programs are designed to improve swimmers’ fitness and stamina.

On Monday evenings, generally the Club Coach sets a program for each lane and provides guidance throughout the session.  The Coach is also available to assist swimmers on request with stroke technique.  On Wednesday evenings, the Coach or another senior Club member may set a program; or members swim according to various pre-printed training programs.


Swimmers need to supply their own goggles, swim cap (if desired) and fins, while the Club provides kick boards and pull buoys.  Swimmers should also bring a bottle of water to training to drink to avoid dehydration.


Entering the pool

For safety reasons, DO NOT DIVE INTO THE POOL AT THE SHALLOW (western) END.  Enter the water by sliding in feet first or use the ladder.

Lane Protocol

Lane protocol is important as it minimises the risk of collisions and swimmers catching others ahead of them.  Basic rules are:

    • swim to the left of the centre line of the lane
    • fastest swimmer leads off, then other swimmers follow in order of speed
    • allow 5 seconds between you and the swimmer ahead, before pushing off from the wall
    • incoming – touch the wall, then immediately move across to the right
    • swim as part of the group – wait for 2 or 3 incoming swimmers to touch before moving off again (unless doing timed sets)

  • Tue 01 Feb: Management Committee meeting
    When: 7:00pm
    Where: TBA
  • Sun 13 Feb: Busselton Jetty Swim
    When: 8:00am
    Where: Busselton Jetty, Busselton
  • Sun 20 Feb: Newman Churchlands Masters LLCC (warm-up from 8.15am)
    When: 9:00am
    Where: Newman College, Empire Av, Churchlands
  • Sat 05 Mar: Mullaloo Mile OWS
    When: 8:00am
    Where: Mullaloo Beach
  • Sun 13 Mar: Coogee Jetty-to-Jetty OWS
    When: 8:00am
    Where: Coogee Beach (Woodman Point)
  • Sun 27 Mar: Fremantle Masters LLCC (warm-up from 8.15am)
    When: 8:45am
    Where: Fremantle Leisure Centre, Shuffrey St, Fremantle
  • Thu 28 Apr: Australian Masters Games - Swimming Day 1
    When: 9:00am
    Where: HBF Stadium, Stephenson Av, Mt Claremont

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